Apr 23, 2011

Happy Chocolate!

An Easter story

Who makes the Easter eggs? Who deliveries them in the comfort of your home?
Who even takes the time to hide the eggs somewhere very secret, so you can have fun looking for it.
And feel even more pleasure eating the chocolate after the rewarding of finding it.
Who wraps the eggs? Who writes the songs? Who is the one being the model for all the Easter ads?
Who? Who? Who?


So what will all those bunnies do when the Easter time is finished?
Well, they have to look for other jobs.

That’s right, Rabbits don’t only exist in April. They also need to work during all the other months of the year, to keep feeding their families. Here are some facts: Besides the great skill making chocolates, Bunnie rabbits are also blessed with the capability of reproducing very quickly. Which means during
a long breeding season of 9 months, a single female rabbit can produce as many as 800 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!
So, The left over chocolate from the season is definitely not enough to feed all the little ones,
even more considering the baby rabbits can't eat chocolate anyways, as we all know
too much sugar doesn't make any good for anybody.

As for the moral of this very short story:
For this Easter, don't forget to tip the Bunnie, as this is the only time of the year
when they have a full time job.